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What Is Grunlot?

Grunlot is a collaborative mobile App that helps you find street parking.

Try Grunlot and skip the stress of circling the block in search of a parking spot. Report available spaces and boost your reputation to secure parking more quickly. Plus, earn extra money when you share the location of the spot you're leaving.

Why Grunlot?

-Save Time: No more driving aimlessly around the block in search of street parking.

-Help the Environment: Cut down on CO2 emissions by reducing the time spent searching for a spot.

-Help the City: Decrease traffic congestion by parking faster and staying off the road.

-Save Money: Conserve gas or battery life by finding parking swiftly.

-Earn Money: Partner with the community by sharing your parking spot location with other drivers, and earn money doing so!

How can I join the Grunlot community?

Joining Grunlot is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Download: Get the Grunlot App from your app store.

2. Sign Up: Register to become a Grunlot user.

3. Find Parking: Use the app to search and locate available parking spots.

4. Give Back: Help the community by reporting any free spots you come across, assisting others in their search.

Can I use Grunlot in my city?

We're constantly striving to bring Grunlot to more places. If it's not in your city yet, don't hesitate to reach out! Share your insights about the street parking challenges in your hometown, and help us prioritize our next expansions.

Contact us at

What is Grunlot?

How to Find a Street Parking Spot?

How to find street parking with Grunlot?


1. Open the Grunlot app.

2. Set Your Location: Tap “Search for Parking.” Your location will be set automatically via GPS. For added precision, you can manually refine the location by pinning a specific area in your target zone.

3. Choose Your Spot: The map will display different types of spots:
Yellow: Spots that were vacated between 1 and 3 minutes ago.
Red: Spots that were vacated between 3 and 10 minutes ago.
Green: Grunlot partners currently sharing their spot location. Select the one that seems most convenient.

4. Yellow and Red Balloons: Picking a yellow or red balloon means the spot has already been vacated. Grunlot will guide you there. Be mindful that someone else may have taken the spot by the time you arrive. If so, simply choose another spot.

5. Green Balloons: If you pick a green balloon, a match is established once another Grunlot user (the parked car) accepts your request. They will wait for you to arrive. The app will guide you to your destination. For any clarifications, use the built-in chat function with the other Grunlot user. (Always prioritize safety and avoid chatting while driving.)

6. Parking Up: Once at the location, the Grunlot user will recognize you and vacate the spot, allowing you to park.

7. Confirm Your Park: After parking, the app will ask you to confirm that you've successfully parked.

8. Rate the Experience: Conclude the transaction by rating your Grunlot parking partner and the overall parking experience.

Is it possible to schedule a street parking spot request?

Absolutely! Here's how you can do it:

1. Go to Search for Street Parking within the Grunlot app.

2. In the drop-down menu next to your target address, you'll find an option to schedule your request.

3. By default, you'll see time options of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 2 hours.

4. For a specific duration, simply choose "OTHER" and customize your preferred timing.

What if when I get to the street parking spot, I find that my Grunlot counterpart left and someone else took it?

We understand the inconvenience and have safeguards in place:

No Immediate Payment: Your payment is only processed if you successfully park at the shared location.

Rate & Report: Should this scenario occur, you're encouraged to rate your Grunlot counterpart accordingly and report the incident within the app.

Transaction Confirmation: After every Grunlot transaction, you're required to confirm your parking success. This confirmation decides the direction of the money flow - either as a payment or a refund.

Ongoing Monitoring: We actively investigate any reports of rules violation, misuse, or misconduct. Users found violating our guidelines receive warnings. Continued infractions could lead to suspension from the app.

Community Integrity: Incidents like these are rare and with the collective efforts of the Grunlot community, they will become even more infrequent.

Can I cancel the match with my Grunlot counterpart once established?

Certainly, you can cancel a match. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Impact on Rating: Canceling may affect your user rating. Your Grunlot counterpart has the option to rate you negatively due to the cancellation.

Consequences of Low Ratings: Continually receiving low ratings or accumulating negative marks can trigger a review of your user profile. Persistent negative behavior could result in a temporary suspension from the app.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Currently, there is no cancellation fee. However, we strongly recommend against canceling matches to maintain a favorable rating within the Grunlot community.

Can I pay in cash?

Currently, we do not support cash payments within the Grunlot app.

Can I pay using the balance from my previous Grunlot earnings?

Absolutely! You can use your Grunlot earnings as a payment method within the app.

How to Report a Free Spot or Share My Spot Location?

How to report a free spot location?

Reporting a Free Spot:

1. Locate & Report: Whenever you find a free parking spot on the street, you can easily report it within the Grunlot app. This helps fellow drivers find parking more efficiently.

2. Each time you report a free spot that's subsequently used by a Grunlot partner, you earn points. These points have no commercial value and are non-transferable, but the more points you accumulate and the better reputation you have, the higher priority you'll receive when looking for parking. Keep in mind that the essence of the community is collaboration among users.

3. Boost Your Reputation: The points you accumulate improve your reputation within the Grunlot community. A higher reputation grants you priority when searching for parking. These points have no commercial value and are non-transferable. Keep in mind that the essence of the community is collaboration among users.

4. Stay Credible: Please ensure the accuracy of your reports. Avoid reporting spots that are prohibited or already occupied. Inaccurate reporting harms your reputation, and repeated violations could lead to suspension from the platform.

How to share my spot location?

⚠ IMPORTANT: Do not share prohibited parking spots.

1. Access the Grunlot App: Launch the Grunlot app on your device.

2. Set Your Location: Tap “Share my spot location.” Your current location will be detected automatically via GPS. For precision, you can manually pin the exact parking spot on the map.

3. Await Requests: If nearby users are searching for street parking, you may receive a request. A beep will notify you of this, and you'll be shown the requesting user's ETA and the potential earnings from the transaction.

4. Match & Wait: Upon accepting a request, a match is established. The Grunlot app will then guide the requesting user to your location. Use the built-in chat for coordinating details, such as visual identifiers. Always prioritize safety and avoid chatting while driving.

5. Confirm Spot Transfer: Once the requesting user parks in the spot, you'll be prompted to confirm the successful handover in the app. Both parties need to report a successful transaction for the payment to be processed.

6. Rate the Transaction: Conclude by rating your Grunlot partner and providing feedback on the overall experience.

Can I cancel the match with my Grunlot counterpart once accepted?

Certainly, but please be aware of the potential consequences:

Impact on Rating: If you cancel, your Grunlot counterpart has the option to rate you negatively, which can affect your overall rating.

Consequences of Low Ratings: Continuous low ratings or repeated negative feedback can prompt a review of your user activity. Persistent negative behavior might result in a temporary suspension from the platform.

Is there a cancellation fee?

As of now, we do not charge a cancellation fee. However, we strongly encourage users to avoid canceling matches to maintain a positive rating within the Grunlot community.

What if my Grunlot counterpart parks in the space I left but later claims they couldn't?

If you believe that a Grunlot partner has parked successfully but reported otherwise, the transaction will be treated as unsuccessful. However, it's vital that you notify us of such incidents. We will conduct a thorough review, and if deemed necessary, take appropriate actions against the user, which could include suspension. Our commitment is to maintain the integrity and honesty of the Grunlot community, so we greatly appreciate your assistance in reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activities.

What happens if I share a spot location where parking is not permitted?

Sharing a location of a prohibited parking spot will have adverse effects on your Grunlot profile and may result in account review. We urge all users to adhere to local parking regulations and show respect to fellow users. Any deliberate misinformation or fraud attempts will result in account suspension.

Pricing, Profit & Fees

How is pricing calculated?

The pricing structure for sharing your spot location is dynamic and depends on several factors:

Time of Day: Fees vary based on specific hour ranges during the day. For instance, peak hours might attract higher fees than off-peak hours.

Supply and Demand: The number of available parking spots versus the number of drivers looking for spots plays a significant role in determining the price.

Parking Congestion Levels: Areas with high parking congestion, where parking spots are scarce, will likely have a higher fee compared to areas where parking is more abundant.

By considering these elements, we aim to ensure fair pricing that reflects the real-time conditions and value of the service provided.

When can I withdraw my earnings?

You can request a withdrawal once your balance reaches US$ 60. To do so, you'll need to:

Register a Bank Account: Link your bank account within the Grunlot App. This is the account to which your earnings will be transferred.

Initiate the Withdrawal: Once you've linked your bank account and have a balance of US$ 60 or more, you can request a withdrawal.

Additionally, it's worth noting that regardless of your current balance, you have the option to use these funds to pay for street parking directly through the Grunlot App.

Account & Billing

Can I delete my account?

To delete your account, please follow the link below:


Can I merge my account with another phone number?

Regrettably, merging accounts associated with different phone numbers is not possible. It's crucial to maintain the security of your phone number and email address when using the Grunlot App, as your balance and account details are closely linked to them.

Is Grunlot a secure site?

Absolutely. At Grunlot, we prioritize your security. We have integrated a secure checkout process via Stripe, a globally recognized leader in payment processing. This ensures that your payment details are handled with utmost care. Importantly, Grunlot does not store any of your credit card information—Stripe manages the entire process.

Can I update my account information?

Certainly! To make updates, simply go to "Your Profile" in the menu. From there, you can modify your email information and add or remove vehicles as needed.

How do I withdraw the money I made offering Street Parking Spots through Grunlot?

To withdraw your earnings:

Link Your Bank Account: Register your bank account within the Grunlot App. This is the account to which your earnings will be transferred.

Secure Processing: Stripe, a trusted payment processor, handles the withdrawal process. Rest assured, Grunlot does not store any of your bank account details.

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